When deciding on bottoms size, do I base on my hips or waist?

For high rise bottoms designed to sit high on your waist, we recommend using your waist as reference. Our bestsellers designed to be high rise for a longer silhouette include:

  • Martini Bottoms
  • Maui Bottoms
  • Delilah Bottoms
  • Sophia Bottoms
  • Juliet Bottoms
  • Stassy Bottoms
  • Bri Bottoms
  • Liv Bottoms
  • Claudia Bottoms
  • Paige Bottoms

For bottoms designed to be mid-rise, we recommend using the hips as reference. These no fuss super comfy bottoms that sit just above the hips include:

  • Moderate Bottoms
  • Billie Bottoms
  • Maui Bottoms
  • Chloe bottoms
  • Dixie Bottoms
  • Mila Bottoms

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